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Coincidental Lives


Coincidental Lives is a slice-of-life story of Vince Nichols discovering just how relationships shape a man set at the turn of the century in Charlotte, NC. That’s the 20th to the 21st century.

When did we first look back at the turn of the century as the good old days? With smart phones in their infancy, social networking actually meant going out in public. Face-time required just that–spending time face-to-face. If Vince Nichols wanted to know something, he asked. To make friends, he invested time to get to know them, which meant coming face-to-face with himself. It was risky living in the here and now, but the relationships were stronger for it even if the pain ran deeper.

These are the days of poetry, coffeehouses, and love gone bad. What makes a man? What breaks a man? And what makes him think he knows better? At 25, Vince isn’t sure anymore. With college behind him and a new century approaching, he wants to live simply and be happy, but people like Jonathan Bradley and Jasmine Vandercleet have something different in mind. And something different can turn his world upside down and inside out. What power do they have over him?

Could any of this be truly coincidental? Sometimes, no matter how a person tries, life in all of its complexities happens. Now, Vince is days away from the wedding and reflecting on what led him to this point in a life far different than the one he had envisioned. Step inside his mind as he discovers the truth that lurks in a good cup of coffee.



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