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What to know about Norman


I am not defined by my job (whatever it might be at the time), but my job is an integral part of me. I value what I do and bring value to what I create.

For over 18 years, I have worked as a Content Developer and Instructional Designer at IBM. I work with subject matter experts to create content and build learning using a variety of tools. My manager describes me as her Video Wrangler because I am the one person in the department willing to dive into the video management tools (and any other tools we consider using) to figure out how to best manage 10k+ videos over 40+ accounts. I am among the most requested people for various projects and clients because they know that I am fearless in my determination to make a project succeed.

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Norm? Yes. Normal? Not so much. My base of operations is Atlanta, GA. Most everything that happens to me happens there.


Sometimes, between projects, I do get to get away. In those cases, I revel in the not-so-ordinary, whether it’s playing with falcons in Ireland, bungee-jumping at Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, or hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru. The videos I produce are less about scripted and polished cinematography and more about creating a lived experience so that others know what to expect. And I take inspiration from these places for my creative writing.

I also hang around Highland Games (any reason to wear my kilt) and Renaissance Fairs (any reason to don my swords).

Face(t)s of me (just a click away)
A tenacious drive to examine, shape, and improve human nature and the human spirit so that we never lose our way in the world

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