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What to know about Norman


I am not  defined by my job (whatever it might be at the time), but my job is an integral part of me. I value what I do and bring value to what I create.

Currently, I work as an Instructional Designer at IBM. I work with subject matter experts to develop content and build  learning using a variety of tools. My manager recently described me as her Video Wrangler because I am one of the few people in the department willing to dive into the video management tools (and  any other tool we consider using) and get my hands dirty to figure out how to best use it. My manager also told me that I am one of the most requested people for various projects because they know that I am fearless in my determination to make a project succeed.


Norm? Yes. Normal? Not so much. My base of operations is Atlanta, GA. Most everything that happens to me happens there.


Sometimes, between projects, I do get to get away. In those cases, I try to do things not so ordinary, whether it’s playing with falcons in Cong, bungee-jumping at Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, or hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru. The videos I produce are less about scripted and polished cinematography and more about creating a lived experience so that others know what to expect. And I take inspiration from these places for my creative writing.

I also hang around Highland Games (any reason to wear my kilt) and Renaissance Fairs (any reason to don my swords).

Face(t)s of me (just two clicks away)
With the tenacity of human nature to examine the structure of the human soul so that we never lose our way in the world

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