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The written words

Writing is my greatest passion. Words can’t describe how much I enjoy it (not good for a writer, huh?). I completed my first book when I was 13. It read like a book written by a 12 year old. I’ve matured substantially since then. If I were to pick a mentor, it would be Dori Sanders. I’ve known her for several years, and it’s always a pleasure to spend time with her when I get the chance.



Coincidental Lives

When did we first look back at the turn of the century as the good old days? Smart phones were in their infancy. Social networking actually meant going out in public. Face-time required just that–spending time face-to-face. If Vince Nichols wanted to know something, he asked. To make friends, he invested time to get to know them, which meant coming face-to-face with himself. It was risky living in the here and now, but the relationships were stronger for it even if the pain ran deeper.

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When Tomorrow Came

In December 2011, when Nate Andersen opens a letter addressed to the previous tenant, he throws himself into a story that has been unfolding for the past 150 years (Or is it five centuries? A millennium? Maybe 26,000 years?) that many thought would culminate on December 21, 2012—a date that some considered to be the end. But when tomorrow came, it turned out that it was only the beginning—the beginning of the end…or an elaborate hoax.

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Listen Up

In a world where everyone is always talking, dare to be different. You can amaze them all without saying a word! How can you have the answers when you don't take time to listen to the questions? By learning to say a little less now, you can learn to say a lot more later and to say the right things. There is so much you can do wrong, but so little you need to do to do it right. Listening is an art anyone can master, and you can become the artist everyone admires. So, why do so many people have such a difficult time?

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Gears of the Kytheram

At issue here is casting interesting though unpublished ideas into the ether. Peruse at my own risk.

From The Dark Time Dossier
By Roman N

A man will live one life but die two deaths. The first comes with his final breath. The last when mankind speaks his name that final time. Find the means to keep yourself forever on the tongues of men.

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