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Listen Up! The Silence that Sells


In a world where everyone is always talking, dare to be different. You can amaze them all without saying a word! How can you have the answers when you don't take time to listen to the questions? By learning to say a little less now, you can learn to say a lot more later and to say the right things. There is so much you can do wrong, but so little you need to do to do it right. Listening is an art anyone can master, and you can become the artist everyone admires. So, why do so many people have such a difficult time?


Listen Up! The Silence That Sells is a book that could turn the self-help world on its proverbial ear. Its intent is to help you improve your relationships with family, friends, co-workers and clients simply (Or is it?) by listening.



A sample is available on Amazon. Use the link below.

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